Dressing up for dance class is not just about looking good; it’s about ensuring comfort and freedom of movement. Below are some must-have dancewear for kids. Different schools may have slightly different requirements based on style and level. These requirements are not usually picked on a whim. What you wear to dance class has a purpose. You wouldn’t play football without a helmet, and you wouldn’t go to ballet class without a bun.

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Leotard & Tights

A well-fitted leotard is the foundation of dance attire. It allows freedom of movement and helps instructors see the dancer’s alignment clearly. Tights keep the legs warm and provide a polished look. Tutus are generally not allowed in classes beyond the preschool levels.

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Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes are a must for ballet classes. Choose between canvas and leather shoes, based on your child’s preference and the instructor’s recommendation. For decades most schools have required pink leather ballet slippers. This an outdated requirement. Today, we recommend purchasing skin-tone ballet shoes and tights.

Tap Shoes

For tap dance classes, tap shoes are essential. The distinct sound of taps adds an extra layer of excitement to your child’s dance experience. Check with your individual teachers on what type of tap shoes they require or recommend. Tap shoes can range in quality and price. If your dancer starts to focus heavily on tap, you will want to look for taps that have good quality sound. 

Hair Accessories

Keep your child’s hair neatly in place with hair ties, clips, or headbands. If you struggle with making clean buns, you may want to look into buying a bun maker. HUGE time saver! This ensures they can fully focus on their dance without any distractions. 

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Dance Bag

A spacious dance bag is a practical investment. Your child can keep all their dancewear and essentials organized in one place, making it easy to carry everything to class. 

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Principal Creative & Performing Arts offers kids dance classes in San Mateo, CA. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Musical Theatre classes are available for kids ages 5 and up. Free trial for new dancers. 

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