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Welcome To Recital Central

On this page you will find everything you need to know about our upcoming recital. We recommend bookmarking this page to reference later. New information will be added continuosly throughout the spring as details are finalized. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly.

June 22-23, 2024
Cañada College Theatre
4200 Farm Hill Blvd
Redwood City

Recital FAQ’s

Recital Dates

Recital dates are June 22-23, 2024. Exact times for your groups will be released by the end March, 2024. Please hold all dates associated with rehearsal and recital until then. Participation in rehearsal is REQUIRED to be allowed on stage for recital.

Rehearsal Dates

Rehearsals will take place on June 20-21, 2024. We will finalize the schedule and inform each class as to which show they are assigned in March 2024.

MANDATORY Rehearsals:

  • Thursday, June 20th Rehearsal for Saturday, 1pm Show
    • CALL TIME: 12:00pm
    • GO TIME: 1:00pm
    • END TIME: 3:00pm
  • Thursday, June 20th Rehearsal for Saturday, 6pm Show
    • CALL TIME: 5:00pm
    • GO TIME: 6:00pm
    • END TIME: 8:00pm
  • Friday, June 21st, Rehearsal for Sunday, 3pm Show
    • NOTE: This is the only rehearsal's time slot that doesn't match the recital time.
      • CALL TIME: 12:00pm
      • GO TIME: 1:00pm
      • END TIME: 3:00pm

Where is recital this year?

Our rehearsals and recital will take place in the Main Theatre at Canada College - 4200 Farm Hill Blvd, Redwood City.

How do I know which show my dancer(s) is in?

Scroll down this page to the show line ups.

Will there be professional photos and videos of the recital?

We will email all classes order forms as we get closer to the date. There is no photography or videos allowed by audience members during recital.

Jeremy Fratkin of Jeremy Lawerence Photography will return to photograph our recitals this season. It typically takes Jeremy about 2-3 weeks to process and uploads all the photos. When he completes his work we will email all families a link to purchase individual photos from the show.

Shawn Tanowitz of Pivotal Video Productions will be our videographer for all four recitals. Video files / DVD's will be mailed to the studio. It will take 4-6 weeks to process and deliver.

Miss an E-mail?

All the information below will be filled in between now and June. Along the way we will email you updates as well. All email correspondence related to our recital can be found in the link below. If you’re not receiving these emails, please let us know so we can make sure you’re on the appropriate email list.




This document is a play-by-play of schedules and what to expect at rehearsals and recital. Everything from where to park, picking up tickets, and where to sign your dancers in and out is included. If you have any questions about recital days, this is where to look.




Use this link to access everything you need to know about your individual class costume. Hair, make up, shoes, etc. Links will appear below when ready.

Recital Photos & Videos Orders

Photos & Videos

Jeremy Fratkin will return as our photographer, and Shawn Tanowitz will again be on hand as our videographer. We are excited to be working with them again. They do an amazing job of capturing our dancers. 

Jeremy will email a link with all photos a few weeks after recital. You can order from him at that time. 

Shawn with Pivotal Video Productions will return again this year to record our recitals. You will be able to pre-order copies of the shows here. 



Flowers & Recital T-shirts

Flowers, Gifts, and Recital T-shirts

We are partnering with “The Commencement Group” this season to provide flowers and gifts for your dancers at recital. You can pre-order your flowers, gifts, and souvenir recital t-shirt with your dancer’s name on the back.

All orders will be available for pick up at their table/booth at all three shows on recital weekend. SUPER CONVENIENT! 

Flowers and gifts available now. T-shirts are being designed, and will be available soon. A portion of all sales will be given back to the studio. 

Recital Tickets

Recital Tickets

All tickets are $16 pre-sale | $20 at the door

  • Pre-sale round 1 4/22/24 – 5/13/24 – Limited to 3 or 4 tickets per show
  • Presale round 2 5/16/24 – 5/30/24 – All remaining tickets go on sale on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Tickets will be distributed starting 6/3/24
  • Tickets sale limits are per dancer, not per family.
  • Tickets are nonrefundable.
  • No tickets are bundled with your base fee. The ticket will need to be paid for once the pre-sale period is open. 
  • Round 1 tickets sales are for enrolled families only. Additional family and friends may order in Round 2.

Show Line Ups (look up by dancer)

Scroll down to the list below for the official show line ups. If you are in multiple numbers and would like to plan ahead for any quick changes, you can click on the link below. 


Saturday 1pm Line Up

1. Int Tap Team Monday 5:30 pm
2. Ballet II Monday 7:30pm
3. Jazz I Wednesday 3pm
4. Jr Lyrical Team Tuesday 3:30 pm
5. Pointe class Wednesday 6pm
6. Lyrical II Wednesday 3pm
7. Tap Jazz Combo Thursday 3:30 pm (Jazz number)
8. Ballet III Wednesday 5pm
9. Jazz IV Thursday 6:30pm
10. Hip Hop II Thursday 6:30pm
11. Hip Hop I Friday 3:30pm
12. Jazz Duet Monday 8:30pm SKB/AC


13. Int Musical Theatre Team Tuesday 7:30pm
14. Lyrical I Tuesday 7:30pm
15. Jazz Duet Monday 4:00 pm KN/SY
16. Lyrical II Monday 3:30 pm
17. Mini Jazz Tuesday 6:30pm
18. Hip Hop III/IV Wednesday 4pm
19. Ballet II Wednesday 2:30 pm
20. Jazz I Saturday 10am
21. Lyrical III Wednesday 4pm
22. Lyrical IV Tuesday 5:30 pm
23. Mini Hip Hop Wednesday 6pm

Saturday 6pm Line Up

  1. Jr Hip Hop Team Thursday 7:30pm
  2. Jazz II Friday 3:30pm
  3. Contemporary Quad – Monday 8:30pm CW/EC/DA/JC
  4. Ballet II Saturday 9am
  5. Jazz I Wednesday 2pm
  6. Intermediate Jazz Wednesday 5pm
  7. Jr Jazz A Wednesday 7pm
  8. Hip Hop III Tuesday 6:30pm
  9. Lyrical I Friday 4:30pm

Production Number

  1. MT V
  2. MT II Monday 4:30 pm
  3. MT V
  4. MT I Thursday 4:30 pm and Saturday 11am
  5. MT IV
  6. MT III
  7. MT Finale


  1. Ballet I Tuesday 3:30 pm/Monday 4pm/Friday 5:30pm/Saturday 10am
  2. Ballet V Monday 5pm
  3. Tap II Thursday 3:30 pm
  4. Lyrical Duet Tuesday 4:30 pm LB/SZ
  5. Hip Hop I & II Saturday 9am/10am/11am
  6. Jazz V Monday 6:30pm
  7. Jazz III Monday 4:30 pm 
  8. Lyrical Duet Thursday 3pm AK/CL
  9. Contemporary Duet Tuesday 8:30pm MT /JDC
  10. Contemporary II Wednesday 8pm
  11. Jazz Duet Monday 3:30pm DY/MH
  12. Hip Hop II Friday 4:30pm
  13. Hip Hop IV/V Wednesday 5pm
  14. Contemporary II Thursday 3:30 pm
  15. Senior Lyrical Wednesday 7pm

Sunday 3pm Line Up

    1. Jr Musical Theatre Team Thursday 5:30pm
    2. Tap III Tuesday 6:30pm
    3. Ballet I/II Tuesday 7:30pm
    4. Int Hip Hop Monday 6:30pm
    5. Tap I/II Thursday 7:30pm
    6. Ballet III Saturday 11am
    7. Jazz Trio Tuesday 6pm KC/KH/MA
    8. Contemporary III Thursday 4:30 pm
    9. Hip Hop I Monday 7:30pm
    Production Number
    10. MT V
    11. MT II Wednesday 7pm
    12. MT V
    13. MT I Tuesday 4:30pm
    14. MT IV
    15. MT III
    16. MT Finale


    17. Senior Hip Hop Wednesday 8pm
    18. Hip Hip I Monday 5:30 pm
    19. Ballet IV Friday 4:00 pm
    20. Jazz II Saturday 9am
    21. Jazz Duet Thursday 8:30pm EN/GG
    22. Contemporary IV Thursday 7:30pm
    23 Contemporary V Thursday 5:30 pm
    24. Intermediate lyrical Wednesday 6pm
    25. Jazz Trio Thursday 8:30pm JDC/KH/AW
    26. Contemporary duet Friday 2:30pm HL/DP
    27. Jr Jazz B Wednesday 4pm
    28. Contemporary trio Wednesday 3:30pm LK/MC/SK
    29. Senior Jazz Monday 7:30pm

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