Tuition and Registration Fees

Free Trial Class: New dancers are eligible for one free trial class. If you’d like to try more than one style, you may pay a drop in rate ($22.25) for each additional trial you’d like to attend. 

Registration Fees: $40 annual fee per family

NOTE: Team dancers, if you’re looking for your team fees outside of tuition please refer to the team handbook.

Tuition Rates

Our tuition is based on an average of 4 classes per month. We do not charge you more in months with 5 classes, or less in months with 3 classes. To ensure the averages are met, we do offer make up classes for select holidays during the year. 

TA Class Tuition: $50/mo

90 Min Classes: Any 90 min classes are $89/mo. regardless of how many classes you are registered for.

Classes Per Week Monthly Tuition
1  $89
2  $170
3  $238
4  $303
5  $366
6  $426
7-9  $480
10-12  $530
13-15  $580
16-20  $690

Semi Private Tuition

These classes have a separate tuition table and do not count in the weekly class tuition structure. These types of classes may be used to improve individual technique, or create dances for competition/recital. Space is subject to availability of dancer(s), teacher, and rooms being open. 

Semi Private Classes (30 minute – Weekly Class)

Type Of Class Monthly Tuition # Of Dancers
 Semi-Private  $100/student 2-3

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