We require 30 days notice when stopping enrollment and billing. Tuition will be charged until 30 days after you have informed administration of the change.

To implement a withdrawal notice you must complete this form. Telling your weekly dance teacher about a withdrawal is not sufficient.

We enforce this policy consistently with each dancer without exception. Out of fairness to all our participants this notice will not be waived for any reason.

DROPPING FOR SUMMER?– Unlike other sports, dance is a year round activity. Our program is also a year round dance program. Many of our classes carry a wait list. What does this mean for you? If you do decide to stop during the Summer there is a very good chance your spot will be gone when you return. On the bright side Summer is a great chance to dance more and work on technique. You can use your make ups from the year to try new styles or levels. Come to multiple classes per week and work on your technique. In the dance community, Summer is a chance to dance more, not less. Don’t risk losing your spot!

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