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Make Up Policies

Make-up classes are for isolated absences – (illness, vacations, other extracurricular activities, school functions) are limited to 1 make-up class per quarter per dancer. All make-up classes must be booked in advance and confirmed by our office. We do not accept walk-in make-up classes. 

  • All dancers are eligible for one make-up class per quarter. (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept,Oct-Dec)
  • Make-up classes do carry over if not used but reset at the end of the calendar year.
  • Make-ups for holiday closures – Only selected holidays on days that fall below the class average (4 in a month for the year) will be eligible for a make-up class.
  • To find out which holiday closures are eligible for make ups, please visit our company calendar page. 
  • You will have 3 weeks to use your holiday make-up time and then it will expire.
  • Make-up classes must be completed in the age/level that is appropriate for your dancer.
  • PCPA will not hold make-ups in June as a high percentage of class time will be spent on fine-tuning recital numbers.
  • If you no-call/no-show for a scheduled make up class, that will count as your make up. 
  • You may only reschedule make ups one time. After that you forfeit the make up class.
  • Make up classes will be reinstated as of 10/25/22. Classes missed before this date will not be eligible. 


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