Special Offer - No Reg Fee
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No Reg Fee In September

It’s back-to-dance season! To celebrate we are waiving our $25 annual registration fee if you enroll by September 30, 2020. All classes are currently on zoom, but we are planning to transition back into the studio in stages once we are allowed. Now is the time to save your spot! Some classes already have wait lists again (even during a pandemic) Don’t miss out! You’ll want to be in a class when we are back in person. 

NOTE: We have currently had to pause free trial classes. We are asking a 1 month minimum enrollment for all new dancers. This will likely continue even when we are back in person temporarily. It will help reduce the amount of different bodies entering a class each week. It also works better with how our zoom rotations are currently working. Thank you for your understanding. We will bring back free trials later in 2020, or 2021. 

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