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As you know we are slowly working towards a full reopening over the next few weeks/months. We have a lot of safety measures in place at the studio including temp checks, masks requirements, lessening of traffic in space, hand sanitizer in all studios, and upgrades to our HVAC systems that will not just filter the air, but also kill viruses on surfaces!

Now the exciting news! We have been working with a company, Inspire Diagnostics, to bring testing to the studio for all staff and dancers on a weekly basis. This will be a free service that your dancer(s) can take advantage of each week. We are also making this available to any dancer on a wait list. This testing site is being made available to us through the state of CA as they are trying to get indoor sports for kids going again. We hope that including this as part of the overall safety plan will help some of you and our dancers feel more comfortable coming back into the studio.

The tests will be nasal swabs, and will be performed here at the studio on Monday evenings from 6pm-8pm. So you will need to come in person during those hours if you wish to get tested. The lab will get results back to us in 24 hours, but since we are doing them in the evening, we miss the 5pm postal service cutoff on Mondays. Due to this our test results will be available each Wednesday. If we get a high demand from families wanting the tests, we will look at expanding to other days and times.

The first day testing will be open will be Monday, April 12th from 6pm-8pm here at our studio.  We will run tests through at least September 2021. We encourage all of you to participate if you are available to do so.

If you wish to participate please register for any class today. It can be a Zoom class, an in-person class (once they resume), or even if the class you want is full and you start on a wait list, we will still make this available to your dancer.

We hope adding this as part of our overall plan will help us get back to “normal” quicker than it otherwise would. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

Thank you,
– Jana, Carlos, and the PCPA Staff

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