Principal Creative & Performing Arts – FAQ’s

Do you offer a free trial class?
Yes, you are welcome to try a class before committing. You may have one free trial per student. To get your free trial you must complete the registration form on our website. Your first class will be free, and your start date will be one week from your trial date. You will have three days past your free trial to let us know you do not want to continue. If we do not hear from you we will assume you want to continue and we will start your billing.

What are your tuition rates?
If you are taking one class per week, your tuition will be $69/mo. There are discounts for taking additional classes, or for enrolling siblings. You can see the full tuition chart HERE

Do you have a registration fee?
Yes. We have a yearly registration fee of $25 per family. If you register in February 2016 you will see another $25 charge on your account in February 2017, provided you are enrolled in classes. If you are not in classes we will not charge you the fee, but would charge you again when you return if your anniversary date has passed. Registration fees are per family, not per dancer.

What levels do you offer?
We currently offer four class levels. As our program is relatively young, these levels will change each year to meet the needs of our growing students in both numbers and age until we reach our ideal schedule. These levels are also meant to be guidelines. If you are graduating from Small Fry Dance Club this would be a typical progression.

  • Level I, 5-7 years
  • Level II, 6-10 years 
  • Level III, 8-12 years 
  • Teens/Adults
  • Performance Team, 7-11 years / Jr. Performance Team 5-7 years

Which level should my child be in?
This answer will vary by individual dancer. If your child is transitioning from SFDC, is new to dance, or has limited dance experience they should start in a level I class. Moving up or enrolling in a level II or III class will require approval from a staff member. It is not uncommon to be in one level for two or even three years. In some cases a dancer may be posses the skills to move up to a higher level even if they are younger than the assigned age group. This will also be decided and approved by the staff and directors.

What style of dance should we start in?
This will depend on your child. Generally you will want to start in ballet. Ballet is the foundation for many of the other dance styles. It will help improve technique, and build the strength and flexibility they will need to improve. Ballet will also teach them vocabulary that is used across many other forms of dance. Ballet is important! Even advanced ballerinas will take beginner level classes to work on perfecting their craft. The more ballet classes your child takes, the faster you will see their skills improve. That being said we will not require you to take a ballet class if that isn’t what your child is interested in. We do require our performance teams to take at least one hour of ballet per week. At most studios it is not uncommon for their teen or advanced dancers to take 3-4 hours of ballet or more per week.

I have a dancer older than 7 that has never danced, is there a level I class for them?
We do offer level I and level II classes for older age groups. The levels listed above are a general progression for most dancers. We understand that a 12 year old may want to start dance for the first time, and we want to encourage that. Lost of amazing dancers don’t start training until they are in their teen years. In the event that we do not have a level I for a specific style we may assign you to a level II, or we may assign you to a younger age group.

If we are taking multiple classes, should they all be the same level?
No, it is possible that you may be in a level I ballet class, and a level II hip hop class. It will all depend on the dancers abilities with each style.

I noticed you do not have any teen classes. Will you be offering any?
Absolutely! Our program started with Small Fry Dance Club in 2007. We only taught classes to dancers up to age 5 until 2014. We are only in our second full year of operation with the PCPA program. This means the majority of our dancers are still young. Our schedule will evolve and change each year as the needs of our students change. Teens will likely be the last groups of classes that we will add. For now we offer Teen/Adult classes in the evenings. We have a handful of teens in the program now. As their numbers grow we plan to split the teens away from the adults and have those be separate classes.

Do you offer adult dance classes?
Yes. We offer a variety of adult dance classes, mostly in the evening hours. You may register online and have a free trial if you’d like. After that you can use our drop-in form to save your spot in class in advance. Adult class prices are based on single class, or bundle pack rates. You can find those rates HERE.

Does your studio compete?
Yes, but we are not a “competition studio”. If you wish to compete, you may do so through our performance teams. They currently compete once per year, as well as perform in one community event and our June recital. We do plan to expand the number of competitions we attend in coming seasons. If you want to compete as a solo dancer, please ask our director about options.

How many dancers are in your program?
At our peak season PCPA and SFDC have a combined 1000+ dancers enrolled in the program. This makes us one of the largest dance schools in the Bay Area.