Meet Tamara “Sparkles” Taves

Our annual performance team intensive classes will take place over the next two weekends. This year we will be holding our intensives entirely online. We’re excited to announce that Tamara “Sparkles” Taves will be leading the ballet portion of our intensive. Tamara has been a long time friend and mentor of Jana and Carlos, and ran her own successful studio in Pleasanton, CA. 

Tamara was raised in the mountains of Yosemite. She has been dancing non-stop since the age of four. With 30 years of teaching experience and a passion for bringing out the best in her students. Tamara studied dance and education at Brigham Young University and performed with their Ballet Department as well as the renowned International Folk Dance Ensemble. Tamara was named KAR’s Director of the Year in 2012. She has successfully coached dancers for Youth America Grand Prix and teaches aspiring young dancers throughout the Northern California’s Bay Area. Tamara is privileged to serve on the San Francisco Bay Area’s Isadora Duncan Dance Awards Committee. She truly believes in the magic of movement and the inner strength and power that can come from loving the body that you’re in. Her passion for awareness and dance are contagious. She looks forward to sharing her love of movement with your dancers

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