Recital Costume Outline Form


  • If not submitted by that time directors will costume your piece.
  • It’s critical that we drive this deadline and timeline. No exceptions!
  • If you run into a challenge or problem spot please communicate with us along the way so we can pace appropriately.
  • If you are passive about this part of the process and want to hand this off to a director please let us know.
  • We can also arrange office shifts to complete this planning, brainstorm, and create this outline on your behalf. Let me know if you’re available during any of the following pockets so we can fill out this form together.
    • Monday AM/Monday PM
    • Tuesday AM/Tuesday pm
    • ‘Wednesday AM/Wednesday PM
    • Thursday AM/Thursday PM
    • Friday AM/Friday PM
    • Saturday AM/Saturday PM
    • Sunday AM/SundayPM
  • If you need help, please email Jana IMMEDIATELY!!!
  • It is imperative that we move through this process together as a team.
  • We can not support different timelines for different teachers and or disciplines.
  • Please know this is becoming detrimental to the studio and becomes extremely difficult to manage.
  • Deadlines and plans will be held as presented here.
  • Please help me hit these markers. It will eliminate stress for all of us and make the process more manageable, successful, and the pressure at a healthy level.
  • CLEARANCE ITEMS:  it’s a good idea to stay away from clearance choices. 99% of the time these don’t work. It’s a nice thought in theory but usually the sizes are slim and sporadic. If you are costuming 1-2 males or an isolated character then there is a possibility something may work.

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