Tuition & Fees

30 min class = $39/mo
45 min class = $54/mo
60 min class = $69/mo 

There is a $25 yearly registration fee per family. This fee will be assessed on your anniversary month each year you are enrolled. If you drop and return after your anniversary date it will be charged again. 

Small Fry accepts Visa, MasterCard, Checks, or Cash
Tuition is due the 1st of each month. Credits cards can be setup on our auto pay system. Should the 1st of the month land on a weekend on holiday, we will process the charge on the previous business day. 

Tuition is considered late on the 6th of each month. If tuition is late, a $10 fee will be added to your account.

Returned check fee is $10. If a returned check results in a late payment both the late fee and returned check fee will apply.

If your tuition falls 2 months behind, your child will not be brought to class at preschools or may not participate at the studio(s).

We do not prorate tuition for isolated absences or vacations. Tuition is based on an average of 4 classes per month for the year. Holidays are built into the tuition schedule.

If a particular month only has 3 classes we will not charge you less. Just like if a particular month has 5 classes we would not charge you more. 

We do prorate your first and last month if starting or ending our program mid-month. We will also credit accounts should have have to cancel a class due to teacher absenc

Outstanding Balances

If your account falls 2 months behind we will contact you to make sure you are aware of the situation and create a payment plan.

If the payment deadlines are not met with in 30 days of initial contact, we will send the tuition bill to a third party debt collector.

If you ignore the final tuition payment or 30 day notice (withdrawal period), we will also send the owed balance to a third party debt collector as you are required to agree to this withdrawal policy before participating in our program.

Cancellation Policy

We require 30 days notice when stopping enrollment and billing.

Tuition will be charged until 30 days after you have informed administration of the change.

Your final month will be prorated as needed.

To implement a withdrawal notice you must complete the cancellation form. CLICK HERE

You can also complete the form at the registration counter.

Telling your weekly dance teacher about a withdrawal is not sufficient.

Out of fairness to all our participants this notice will not be waived for any reason.

Studio/Class Rules


  • Arrive on time. Dancers that miss the warm up in class may be asked to sit and watch for remainder of class. This is for their safety and to avoid injuries.
  • Attendance. Regular attendance is key, and in the case of our teams, required in order to participates in shows and competitions. This is a team activity. Your class and instructor is counting on everyone to be in class and on the same page each week. Excessive abscences may result in being removed from shows or competition.
  • Dress code. Be sure to read our dress code page. Dancers not in dress code will be given a warning. If dress code becomes a recurring issue we may ask your child to sit until their attire meets the dress code. Shoes, dancewear, footware, and hair should all be correct.
  • Water. Please remember to bring your water bottles to class. Teacher will let dancers know when it’s time for a water break. We have a fountain on the first floor if you wish to refill here.
  • Restroom Breaks. Ideally they should not be needed. Please have your dancer go to the restroom prior to class. Class is only 60 min long, if they have gone before class they should be able to wait to go again until after class is over.


  • Noise/Distractions.  Please be mindful of classes. Keep noise levels and distractions to a minimum for our dancers.
  • Two Way Glass. Our lobby windows are two way mirrors. We dim the light slighlty in the lobby so that dancers cannot see out, but you can see in. It’s a happy medium that still allows you to watch without distracting the students. In the future we may add curtains as well.
  • Siblings. Please keep an eye on younger siblings. Be mindful of others in the lobby as well as our neighbors when walking down the halls. Try to keep noise to a minimum. There should not be any unsupervised children in the hallways or lobby areas.
  • Windows and Doors. We know it’s tempting for little ones to bang on the windows and doors. As much as possible, please keep them from doing so for their safety, and for the sake of the class.
  • Food and Drinks. You are welcome to eat and drink in the lobby. Please clean up after yourself. We do not allow food or drink (except water) in the studios.
  • Furniture. Please do not move the furniture. If you do, please move it back where you found it before leaving area.
  • No Blocking Walkways. There are natural  walkways created by the placement of our chairs. The fire deparment asked that we keep the areas in front of the doors and window clear for fire safety. DO NOT PULL YOUR CHAIR UP TO THE WINDOWS.
  • Be Respectful Of Building. We are one of many tenants/businesses in the building. This includes both a State Senator, and State Assembly person, as well as our landlord. Please be respecftul of the building/parking rules. When walking down hallways please keep noise to a minimum. We want to keep a good working relationship with our neighbors and landlord.

When we launch a new class there may be a period of time when enrollment is low. 

  • If a group class starts with one dancer, or should only one dancer ever arrive for class, we will convert that day to a 30 min private lesson.
  • In some cases if enrollment is low for an extended period of time we may consider dropping the class entirely. We would give you as much notice as possible.

Missed Classes/Make Ups/Schedule Changes

We do not pro-rate for absences of any length. You are paying for the spot in class, regardless of your attendance.

If your dancer misses a class, we allow make up classes at our studio (San Mateo If you cannot schedule a make up class with us you forfeit the missed week(s).

Make up classes do not expired as long as you are enrolled in the program.

If withdrawing from the program, we ask that you use make up classes within 2 weeks of your final dance visit. After this point, any remaining make ups are forfeited.

Make up classes are not allowed at on-site school locations. If you dance with us at a school and you miss a class you may make up the class at the studio(s).

SCHOOLS: If the teacher is absent, we will schedule a make up class. If one cannot be scheduled we will credit your account the following month.

STUDIO: If the teacher is absent we will credit your account unless you prefer to schedule a make up on another day.

SCHOOLS: If we need to change or move your child’s class permanently we will do our best to give you sufficient notice.

STUDIO: If we need to change, cancel or move your child’s class permanently we will do our best to give you 30 days notice.

Parking Rules
  • Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm you may use El Camino, Jasmine Street, Barneson Ave, and Borel Ave.
  • Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm you may also use the rear parking lot accessible through south driveway on El Camino.
  • After 5pm and on Weekends you may use all the above, plus access to the underground lot. You will receive the code upon registration. Please note any cars without a parking permit in the underground lot during regular business hours are subject to being towed.
  • You may not park overnight in the parking lot.
  • Please be courteous and keep an eye on your kids when you are walking through parking areas. 
Building Rules

1. No running in building
2. No loitering in 1st floor lobby space
3. All minors need to be supervised when not in class
4. Please be mindful or our neighbors, do not disturb
5. Please be quiet when walking through hallways.

NOTE: After 5pm and on weekends the entrances, and garage gate may close and lock. You will need a code to access them. You will receive this code upon registration, please be sure to read it, and save it somewhere you can easily access it, like your phone! 🙂

Extended Absences

To hold your spot during a break or vacation you must continue paying monthly tuition. We do allow make up classes upon your return. We cannot hold your spot while you are gone without payment.

If you are intending to drop class because of an extended absence, and there is a waiting list at your school, you will be expected to wait for the next available position upon your return.

Dress Codes

For the latest dress codes please visit our DRESS CODE PAGE