Once per season we place a gear order with Crewtique. This is the same gear our PCPA teams wear to competitions. We have opened this order up to every dancer in the studio. Please submit one form per person. 


PCPA Gear Order

  • Team Jackets & Dance Bags

    Both of these items are required for any team dancer, but are available to all studio dancers. If you already have a bag and/or your jacket still fits from last season, you do no need to purchase again.
  • Price: $45.00 Quantity:
    Black dance bag with embroidered PCPA logo. Required item if you are on any of our performance teams.
  • Our lightweight team jackets with embroidered PCPA logo. This is a required item if you are on any of our performance teams.
  • Optional Dance Gear

    We are offering all the items below for purchase.
  • Black sweats with embroidered PCPA logo.
  • Black Leggings with embroidered PCPA Logo.
  • Black Dance Shorts with embroidered PCPA logo.
    Payments Due by November...
  • $0.00