Make Up Request Form

Starting in 2019 the make up policy will change. All dancers will be allowed one make up per quarter. Select holiday closures will also eligible for make ups. We will email you when those occur. That ensure everyone gets their average of 4 classes per month (48 per year). 

  • There is one make up spot per class / per week.
  • We do not recommend walking in for a make up as you may get turned away if the class is full.
  • Try to give us at least 24 hour notice. 
  • We will send you a confirmation that the spot is available before you arrive.
  • We can only schedule 2 concurrent make up classes in the same class. After that we must give another family a chance before booking more. We can also look at alternate days/times and spread out the make ups. 

PCPA Make Up Request Form

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