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Make ups for holiday closures – Only selected holidays on days that fall below the class average (4 in a month / 48 total for the year) will be eligible for a make-up class. We will include a note on closure reminders as to which holidays warrant a make-up visit. You will have 3 weeks to use your holiday make up time and then it will expire.  We will invite you to use the make ups at times where the lesson planning and show deadlines are more flexible and allow for a less consistent class group. For example, PCPA will not hold make ups in June as a high percentage of class time will be spent on fine tuning recital numbers.

Make up classes for isolated absences – (illness, vacations, other extracurricular activities, school functions) are limited to 1 make up class per quarter per dancer. 4 maximum for the calendar year. These do carry over from quarter to quarter but reset at the end of the year. Once the year ends the time expires.

PCPA Make Up Request Form

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