Principal Creative & Performing Arts Presents:

PCPA 2018 Dance Recital: Tales To Spin

This year all our recital numbers will be connected to Shel Silverstein’s children’s books, poetry, and illustrations.  Music, costumes, and concepts will connect to a poem, character, or drawing by Silverstein. In some cases, even poetry or literature in general will be the muse. It’s that time of year when we begin preparations for our spring recital. We have booked the theatre and ask that you save the dates listed below. Location is Skyline College Theatre and we will produce 3 shows! Two will be full evening productions and 1 matinee mini show on Sunday afternoon.

Each class will build a dance in coordination with the discipline covered in weekly lessons. Participation in the recital is optional but we encourage you to join us as the stage time is a very rewarding and inspiring part of the process! 

IF YOU’RE IN OUR RECITAL CLICK HERE – Everything you need to know is on our recital central page. 

“Oh I’m going to ride on The Flying Festoon-

Ill jump on his back and Ill whistle a tune,

And we’ll fly to the outermost tip of the moon,

                   The Flying Festoon and I.” – Shel Silverstein 

Here we go! Round 4!

Thank you,

Principal Arts team