Families who will be impacted by our July schedule have been contacted. Some classes may take a break due to low enrollment, others because there will be a teacher or schedule change. Please check your inbox for details on your individual class situation. 

July is a time when dancers take advantage of their open schedule to take more classes, work on technique, and work toward their goals for the following year. We would be happy to help guide any family that would like to work on improving their technique over the summer. This is a great time to use any make up classes you have accumulated over the year.

Wait listed families that are offered a spot in July/August are highly recommended to take the spot immediately. We have a flexible make up which allows to use class time missed during summer vacation/travel. By accepting the spot you are guaranteed to have it for the 2018-2019 school year. If you pass on the spot it will go to the next family in line. Our wait lists are known to be very large! It may be a few months to whole year before a spot opens up again.

We know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting our Fall schedule. We are excited to announce it as well. The schedule will be released to studio families before the general public. You will get your first glimpse of it in the programs as our June recitals. Registration for Fall will open in July. Families that are enrolled, and families on wait lists will get priority before the general public.. Stay tuned for updates. Following us on social media is a good idea to keep up to date as well.


For our current schedule which will run through the end of June 2018, please click the button below. Please note that many of the current classes will continue through Summer and beyond with some exceptions. (See Summer Schedule)

Our Summer schedule will be in effect for July only. The classes on the schedule for July are the classes that will likely continue into Fall. We recommend signing up now as many will remain full or have wait lists through Summer. For those continuing to dance through Summer, this is a great time of year to use any make up classes you may have accumulated to take additional classes, try new styles, and meet new teachers. It may open possibilities for you in the Fall.  

Our 2018-2019 schedule will be released to all at the recital. It will be in your programs. There are a lot of changes coming. In all we expect to have to have 10-15 new classes that weren’t on the schedule the previous year. 

Check your emails in the coming weeks. Registration for Fall classes will open in July. Families that are enrolled, and families on wait lists will get priority before the general public. We also recommend following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to not miss any important updates.