June 2024 Recital, “X: Decades”  Information

***Registration has closed***

MANDATORY Rehearsals: 

  • Thursday June 20, 2024 (12pm – 8:30pm) REHEARSAL START TIMES MATCH SHOW DAY START TIMES!
    • Dress rehearsal for Saturday shows
    • Saturday 1pm show rehearsal pocket Thursday 6/20 12pm – 3pm (1 pm go)
    • Saturday 6pm show rehearsal pocket Thursday 6/20 5pm – 8pm (6pm go)
    • Dress rehearsal for Sunday show
    • Sunday 3pm show rehearsal pocket Friday 6/21/23 12pm – 3pm (1 pm go) 


  • Saturday June 22, 2024 (2 Shows – 1pm & 6pm)
  • Sunday June 23, 2024 (1 Show – 3pm)


    • Q: How do you know which recital you will be in?
      A: Internal details will be set once the line up is final. Line up will be set and circulated in late March.
    • Q: Can I request to be in a specific show time?
    • A: No. There are a long list of factors that go into making a show line-up. Personal schedules can not included in the decision making. Save all four dates so you are available regardless of where you land.
    • Q: If I am in multiple numbers, will they all be in the same show?
    • A: We won’t know until March. That’s just one of the factors for us to consider.
    • Q: What if we have siblings in multiple numbers, will they all be in the same show?
    • A: We won’t know until March. That’s just one of the factors for us to consider.


    Where: Canada College Theatre

    4200 Farm Hill Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94061

    Whats included?

    Base fee is $130.00 (add $10.00 for late reg period) includes participation, fitting, measurements, costume, and garment bag. Footwear, tights, and undergarments not included in base fee. Extra numbers are $75.00 each. Base fee is per dancer. No sibling discounts.


    All tickets are $16 pre-sale | $20 at the door

    • Pre-sale round 1 4/22/24 – 5/13/24 – families can reserve and pay for 1-4 tickets per performer per show
    • Presale round 2 5/16/24 – 5/30/24 – families can reserve and pay for additional tickets beyond the 4 per performer, given the show has not sold out.   
    • Tickets will be distributed starting 6/3/24
    • Families with siblings will have tickets available per dancer. This is not a family limit. 

    (for example if you have 2 dancers in the same show you may order up to 8 tickets in round 1. This is true for all the shows they are performing in. Not just one. ) 

    • Tickets are nonrefundable.
    • No tickets are bundled with your base fee. The ticket will need to be paid for once the pre-sale period is open. 

    Recital Central 

    Our “RECITAL CENTRAL” page will include all the necessary information about recital, picture day, DVD orders, costume info, venue info. Each recital email sent during prep months will be linked to the recital central page. We will let you know when it’s live. 

    Who is eligible!?!?!

    Almost all PCPA classes are eligible to perform in the June recital. Performances are optional but very fun and motivating for the students. There are a handful of classes that focus differently and do not create a performance number. Those classes are technique classes and improv/choreography. If your child is taking multiple classes per week you can pick and choose which one(s) you would like to perform. It does not have to be all or nothing as far as recital registration is concerned. If you are excited and up for the challenge of performing all your class numbers that’s also great. We see this as a family decision based on many factors which is why we create multiple options. Our drop down menu on the recital registration form coincides with the classes which are eligible.


    Please kindly make a commitment to finishing all the required aspects of performing in a show. It is very difficult for a young beginner class to absorb cast changes in the weeks leading up to the show. These kids are incredibly resilient and they rebound but I am asking you to consider all the layers of the commitment before signing up. I would love it if we could strive for zero late drops in May and June. I’m mentioning this now so you pre-plan travel and vacation needs before committing to a show. I know many of you prioritize PCPA recitals before setting your summer vacations and that truly makes my heart explode. Thank you!!!! Your athlete benefits tremendously from seeing this through to the finale on closing night! 

    Performance Team families

    Please remember that team numbers will be performed once on recital weekend and competitive dancers required to take ballet are also required to otp into the ballet recital number for their required class. If you are taking additional ballet classes beyond the required hour that recital number is optional. 

    The same holds true for classes that are required for you to stay eligible for teams. If you are taking a class as a team requirement , performing in recital with that class is also part of the requirement. If you have classes in addition to or beyond the minimum requirements those recital numbers are optional. 

    Your base fee for recital participation was already covered in your team fees. Your charges will be based on adding extra numbers which are $75.00 each. 

    Performance team families – classes you are taking that cover team requirements also include the recital performance as part of the required training. If you are taking more than your required class load you may decide if you want to opt into those recital numbers or not.

    MC Hammer is in mini jazz. He is required to take mini jazz and ballet. Mini jazz number is in the recital and covered (base fee/already paid in your installments). MC should plan to sign up for the ballet recital number ($75.00). Please send a form our way regardless of the requirement. The recital form will confirm we are all on the same page and the method of payment you want to use for additional recital fees. MC takes 2 extra classes because he loves to dance. Those two class numbers become optional and so do the additional fees. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Teachers Assistant

    TA’s do not perform in the class number for the group they are helping. If their recital schedule allows we would love to have them helping to support the TA class with their stage time. More info on this is coming soon!  


    It would be great for us to sell out all three of our recitals. If I could kindly plant the seed to bring all your friends, family, neighbors, teachers, coaches, etc. We would greatly appreciate the support trying to get as many bottoms in seats as possible. Thank you in advance. I highly recommend sending Save The Date notes to your contacts. 

    We are very grateful for all the support and help rebounding from the financial hardships of the pandemic. We are happy to say we are making progress toward goals with enrollment numbers, new Small Fry preschools/students, added staff, and steadily chipping away at deferred rent. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for standing by our side as we restore this program that we love so deeply. 

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