PCPA Picture Day 2024

Picture day is coming soon! Sign ups are open now. There are a limited number of spots and we are opening picture day to ALL dancers in the studio.

DATES: March 9th and 10th, 2024
TIMES: 10 minute sessions will run from 2pm-6pm on Saturday, and 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 6pm on Sunday.
LOCATION: Principal Arts

For our youngest dancers, Jeremy can help with cute poses to capture smiles and shots with friends. For our more advanced dancers, this is a great opportunity to add to your dance portfolio. You can plan a series of movement shots. We will have a teacher on hand to help ensure proper technique is captured in the photos. Solo, buddy, and small group shots available.

Please see the FAQ’s below to plan ahead.

For any other questions please email Jeremy Fratkin with Jeremy Lawrence Photography directly at: info@jeremylawrencephotography.com


When can I arrive to have photos taken?
Photo sessions are available by sign-up only, and are available in 10 minute time slots. Click the link to sign up

What if I want a longer customized dance photo session?
Longer private fine art photography sessions are always available, and can be booked in advance. To book a private studio session, please use the contact info at the end of this FAQ.

How early should I arrive for my session?
It’s very important that each dancer arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes prior to their session to ensure proper warmup and stretching before moving in and out of poses to avoid injury, and to keep the schedule running on time. Due to a strict schedule, arriving late for a session could void your dancers time slot.

What occurs during each photo session?
During your dancers session, we will capture up to six dance poses which dancers are encouraged to rehearse prior to arriving at picture day, as well as capturing a series of headshots.

Can I sign my dancer up for more than one session?
Due to limited availability, each dancer is only allowed to sign up for one time slot.

What if my dancer would like photos with a friend, sibling, or group? Friend, buddy, sibling, or group photos are allowed. For this, the friend, buddy, or those in the group should sign up for the time slot next to your dancer to ensure enough time to do individual images, and the group/buddy
images as well. For siblings, if both would like their own session, it’s recommended to sign up for one time slot for each dancer back to back.

What do you recommend my dancer wears?
The backdrop will be white so we recommend something colorful that contrasts against white, and something that both you and your dancer love and want to be captured in. Leotards are always an easy go to, if you’re lost for ideas, any flowy outfit would work out incredibly well for capturing movement.

NOTE: I am aware that not all your costumes for recital will be in by our picture day. In those situations, a leotard may be a great choice. You can also bring something from home, or you can wear a previous costume. Borrowing from a dance friend could also be an option. Plan accordingly.

How much will this cost?
There is no cost to sign up and have photos taken. All photos will be edited and posted in a gallery following the photo sessions. Individual prints, digitals, wall & desktop art will be available for purchase. Collections will be available at a discount. Collections will include both digitals and/or prints. There will be a special on wall art & display art, which will be displayed as samples at the studio the day of the shoot, so be sure to check those out.

What do you recommend for hair & makeup?
Hair up is recommended but not required, and should be worn as it is when performing. Should your dancer wish to have it down, that’s fine as well. Due to a time constraint, there will be no time to change hair and makeup during your session.

Can my dancer have a wardrobe change?
If your dancer is used to very quick performance changes and has two outfits they want to be photographed in, as long as timing of the session doesn’t run over, it’s ok to have a 2nd outfit. However, it’s not recommended due to timing.

Can I be present for the photo session?
You can be present in the studio, but we kindly ask parents to wait outside of the photo studio. There will be a dance instructor from the studio present for all sessions, working with the photographer as well as your dancers, to ensure the best possible photos possible in the time permitted.

Can I take photos with my phone during the session?
No photos from phones will be permitted at any time inside the photo studio.
For any other questions please email Jeremy Fratkin with Jeremy Lawrence Photography directly at: info@jeremylawrencephotography.com

We look forward to capturing your beautiful dancers!

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