PCPA Re-Opening Update

Dear PCPA Dance Family.
We have all been anxiously awaiting the return of classes in the studio and we are happy to announce that the time has arrived! This document covers everything we have done and will be doing moving forward. Our goal is to provide as safe of an environment for your dancers as possible. As you read through this, we want you to remember that many of these measures will be temporary. There are parts of this document that may seem difficult or inconvenient. Just remember, this will pass.

We need to come together as a community to meet this challenge if we want to get back into the classroom, which we do! We both believe we can come out of this as a stronger business on the other side. We need everyone’s assistance to do so. We can do it!

We want to acknowledge that while there is nothing we can do to make classes no-risk, we can take steps that will make being in our space as low-risk as possible. There is no plan that will be perfect, no one-size
fits all, and no plan that will make everyone happy. We know not all families will be ready to come back, while some are ready to return now. We took that into account in this plan. We strongly believe that the measures put in place by the building management, coupled with our in studio plan, will make this the safest studio to dance in on the peninsula.

Given the county orders, we are happy to start bringing students back in stages starting the week of June 14, 2020. The following pages will outline our plan for PCPA dancers. If you have a Small Fry dancer, you will receive a separate, but similar document, with their specific instructions. Everything in this outline is subject to change based on county and city guidance which changes frequently. We will keep you up to date on any changes.

Welcome Back Dancers!

As part of this re-opening we will be doing a live Q&A on Facebook later this week. Details and link will follow.


FacebookInstagram, or Youtube.

Thank you,

Jana & Carlos Chapeton

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