Dance Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are an individual or business that would like to sponsor our studio, please contact Carlos Chapeton at for a media kit. We would be happy to discuss options with you that are affordable and effective. We are a highly trusted member of the community, and have been in business for almost a decade.

Small Fry Dance Club is seeking $25,000 in sponsorship funding for the 2016 year. These funds will cover a number of projects, and needs for our school. These include scholarships for low-income families, staff and dance team apparel, recital costs, and yearly marketing efforts.

In the past 9 years we have taught over 5500 dancers in the Bay Area. We have become a trusted household name among young Bay Area families. Your sponsorship would give you access and visibility to our growing number of Peninsula and South Bay families. Our dance school has over 800 enrolled dancers, who dance at over 10 locations each week.

These locations include our state-of-the-art dance studio in San Mateo, and over 10 other preschools ranging from SF to SJ. The preschools we partner with are often are located on or directly serve some of the largest Bay Area tech companies including Cisco, Electronic Arts, Pixar, Oracle, and others.

We currently operate two dance programs, one geared towards preschool age dancers, and another for all dancers over the age of 5. Each program has it’s own website, Facebook Page, Twitter Account, and Mailing lists to give you maximum exposure.

Media Kit – Email